Simplifying email sharing

File, Share and Search emails. Sorted.

  • File

    Drag and Drop or file email with one click using the Add-in for Microsoft Outlook™

  • Share

    Share emails easily with project team members

  • Search

    Find emails quickly using smart search

Get your team on
the same page

No more forwarding emails to team members to keep them in the loop. With Soup Mail, you and your team can search and view relevant emails in one central location with ease.

Organise emails like
never before

Configure shared team folders for projects, jobs, customers and suppliers.

File and share emails with one click from Outlook.

Save time and let Soup Mail learn and predict where to save your emails, including optional categories.

Be prompted whenever you send an email to file it into a suggested folder.

Access team emails,
anytime, anywhere

With Soup Mail sync folders you can easily save and search emails on any mobile device, anytime and anywhere.

Sync folders keeps a stream of recent team emails in your mailbox and supports drag and drop filing or emails into Soup Mail.

Get your email filing sorted and have your entire team’s emails on hand whenever you need it.

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