Choose a plan that’s right for your business

Basic Plan

For Individuals & Small teams

Free Create a Free Account
  • 2 free users
  • 1GB storage for the team
  • Up to 14 day sync cycle

Once you exceed the above limits, you can elect to commence a paid Soup Mail account. We will contact you at the point that you reach the limits of the free plan to organise payment and release the restrictions of the free plan.

Most popular

Professional Plan

For larger teams and businesses

$15/mo/user Sign Up Now
  • 25GB storage per user
    (pooled across the team)
  • AU $1/GB/month extra storage
  • Up to 99 day sync cycle

Each Plan Includes:

  • Microsoft Outlook™ Add-in
  • Mobile Access
  • Desktop Sync
  • Add-in
  • Sync Folders